The Importance of Creating Things

I’ve just read a rather insightful post by Karl Mortimer where he gives his own thoughts on ‘the rules‘, a list for students and teachers created by Sister Corita Kent back in the 1960s. I had also recently read another post by Stef Lewandowski in which, after a near death experience, he decided to go about creating something every day.

Having these two posts show up on my radar in quick succession have certainly resonated with me given my current situation.

I make no secret of the fact that I’ve been struggling immensely over these past 12 months with my own mortality and it seems to have manifested in-self into quite a serious bout of anxiety and perhaps even depression. This has touched pretty much every aspect of my life (both personal and professional – you can read a little bit about the latter here). It’s a complete and utter bastard as at times it can feel almost impossible to get motivated to go outside let along try and make an image.

Going back to Karls post on the list of rules, he touches on how we can sometimes limit ourselves by trying to create and analyse at the same time when in fact they are two different processes. We have all been there – we create an image or set of images then all too quickly dismiss them due to lack of a deeper story or connection. I know myself each image dismissed (excluding those with technical flaws) makes it harder to get back out with the camera and create. In short, I need to analyse less and shoot more.

So I’ve decided, as we enter 2020, to try and create something every day.

Now I’m sure I will fall off the wagon from time to time and I’m not even sure the things I create will always be photography related. The important part though is that I’m creating as when I am the black dog (and all the thoughts that come with him) are kept just that little bit more at bay.

In the rules it also talks about ‘finding a place you trust’ so this first image of 2020 is taken no more than 20 footsteps from my front door.

Create Something Every Day – Day 1

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